Numbers and Shapes

Joe is learning numbers. He counts, “2, 5, 2, 8, 9, 10!” So I am working on getting him to recognize the numbers as well as memorize the order they go in. I created this path using construction paper. We spent about 45 minutes hopping, skipping, running and rolling along this trail. He can now count in order from 5 to 10. What’s more is that he is recognizing the numbers. Shapes are on the backside of each number so tomorrow I will flip them over for a lesson in shapes.


We did a similar exercise with letters only instead of a path, I made flashcards. On the backs I drew animals, objects or foods that started with that letter. It worked! Joe knows all of the letters by sight. He hasn’t memorized the order yet, so he does not sing the ABC song, but he does call out letters where he sees them. –on tv, on signs, on silverware…really anywhere.

We are working on memorization, but I think it is exciting that he is recognizing the letters and numbers when he sees them. He knows what they are. Next up…colors!

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