My 13 in ’13 Progress

This year is the first year we are actually going to garden. We’ve dabbled, had a few container gardens and tomato plants but with no real success or hard work. We’ve been talking for a few years about our plans for gardening and I am so anxious to prove that we will and can do this! That I will do everything we have been talking about…or at least attempt it. If I’m being honest with myself…I have a tendency to spout off grand plans and do little to nothing about them. The ideas sound great…but I usually find some excuse not to pull them off. My paranoid self imagines that when I talk about these plans for our 5 acres, people who know me well are internally rolling their eyes and saying (lovingly of course), “Yeah, sure you will.”

I know I shouldn’t let it bother me. That once the garden is going, even if there are failures, it will speak for itself. But…that’s not me. I’m hyper conscious of what others think and eager to show that I can learn all of the new skills I have planned.

Well, it’s March and so far I’ve started to tackle six items on my “13 in ’13” list of skills to learn.

  • I’ve planned a garden for our property and started seeds.
  • I’ve started watching a video series on permaculture design.
  • I’ve signed up to participate in the Appleseed shooting class.
  • I’ve started this blog.
  • I’ve started to plan and cook healthy, whole food meals for my family in line with the Paleo Diet.
  • And, next weekend a few friends are coming over to make wine with me. 

Soon I will add number seven to the list and register for a 5K in April. The weather is getting nicer now so I can run outside rather than on the treadmill which I find to be extremely boring.

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