Cabbage Seeds

I started cabbage seeds this weekend. I started with an empty plastic egg carton that had egg wells on the top and the bottom as well as a flat plastic lid.

0222131551I then poked holes in one of the egg carton pieces, filled the flat with water and let the dirt filled wells soak up the water until uniformly wet. The potting soil had dried and powdered egg shells mixed in. I had saved and dried my egg shells and ground them to dust and mixed 2 TBS per gallon of potting soil. I planted two seeds per well, ¼ inch deep and ½ inch apart, spritzed the soil with a spray bottle filled with water and placed the second egg carton on top creating a mini greenhouse. Now I’m just waiting for the sprouts!

Two Weeks In

It’s been two weeks and my cabbage seeds have taken off! I couldn’t believe how excited I was to see those little sprouts pop up. Ray installed a grow light in the basement so the seedlings are getting plenty of “sunlight”.  I planted two seeds per egg well and all of the instructions I have reviewed said to cut one out when a clear winner asserts itself. It was a little bittersweet cutting the weaker of the two sprouts out but I know it will make the survivor stronger.


Today I “potted them up” in peat pots. Hopefully the plants will get bigger and stronger and be ready to transplant outside come May.


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