Garden Progress

We are getting antsy and excited to get the garden going. I hope we have not bit off more than we can chew but I know that any failure is a lesson for next year.

The broccoli has sprouted and a second grow light has been installed.

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The weather is getting nicer every day so I have taken my cabbage starts out for a few hours a day to “harden them off” and get them ready to plant in the ground. We are getting a topsoil/compost mix to put on our beds as well as in the cold frame.

Ray had a great idea for the cold frame. We have zippered sides to a portable gazebo that was destroyed by a wind storm a few years ago–Ray has hoarder DNA so we save a lot of stuff, some of it comes in useful–so we are going to prop the old window up and attach these zippered sides to the sides of the window to keep the heat in the frame. By the end of next week the cabbage will be in the ground under the cold frame!

Also next week I will be starting the following veggies:

  • Tomatoes: cherry, Roma, Purple
  • Peppers: wax, jalapeno, bell, King of the North, sweet chocolate, poblano
  • Oregano
  • Onions, shallots and leeks
  • Spinach
  • Black Seeded Simpson

Everything above will be started indoor except the spinach, black seeded simpson, onions, shallots and leeks

As a trap crop I will throw radish down as well. I’m not a big radish fan and neither is Ray, but the radish is an excellent trap crop that repels flea and cucumber beetles which seem to be a common pest for many veggies. Plus, my mom likes them.

My best friend came over today and we spent most of the afternoon outside watching the kids play, flying a kite and chatting. It got me even more excited about getting our garden going. I had my cabbage out on the deck, loving the sunlight and felt at home on our new place.

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