Garden Beds

Yesterday, Ray and I managed to create our first garden bed so I can plant the cabbage, and when it’s ready, the broccoli.

0408131012b  0409131820a

0409131821   0409131856

I’ve drawn out the plan for the garden beds, knowing that it probably will be adjusted and redrawn several times before it’s final. Knowing that mistakes will be made and lessons learned.



Next steps are to get mulch and start on our berms for a wind break. I am going to start by planting a couple of my precious starts just to make sure it is safe to plant all of them. I’ve already warned them that this is coming and that a few may be sacrificed for the greater good. 🙂 They like the cold soil (50*), but I am not sure how well they will like the wind. We may get some hay bales until we get our berms established.

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