Coupon Woes

One of my goals this year was/is to become an expert coupon clipper. I’m discovering that this takes a tremendous amount of time and dedication, and at least for me, minimal savings.

Most of the coupons I find are for name brand foods and cleaning products I just don’t normally buy. The store coupons I get from Kroger occasionally are great because they are based on what is recorded on my store card and mostly that is produce and a store brand items.

The majority of our grocery bill consists of produce and we normally buy generic for the rest…except a few items like toilet paper, Kleenex and yogurt for which I do use coupons when I find them.

Even the sites I visit seem geared more toward stuff I don’t really need-candy, makeup, processed foods, etc.

Maybe I’m not looking in the right places or maybe I’ve reached expert coupon status for my household.

Either way, the time it takes to comb through dozens of coupon sites does not give me the return on investment that I expected. I have created a comparison chart with prices listed for individual items at all the stores I regularly shop that has done a lot more to help us save on or grocery bill than coupon clipping

I think I will keep using the coupons that work, mark this goal as complete and move on to the next.

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