Garden Beds Update

Yesterday, with the help of our awesome neighbor, we finished putting up our remaining two garden beds.


In our first bed, along with the cabbage, I direct sowed kale, sedona onions, shallots, garlic and leeks. For the garlic, I just got a big bag of garlic from Costco and planted individual cloves. I then covered all, except the kale, with coffee grounds. As I mentioned in a previous post, coffee grounds are a great nitrogen source. From what I have read, kale does not like a lot of extra nitrogen.

Today, I direct sowed black seeded simpson, spinach and radish in our second bed. Once the rain settles down, I am going back out to cover the bed with straw. Straw or any type of mulch, will help to keep moisture in and prevent erosion from the wind.

It’s really starting to come together! Sure it may look a little “rigged up” with the tarps all over, but they are temporary and necessary to keep our soil from eroding. Looks aren’t everything and when covered with greens and veggies it will be gorgeous! 🙂

One response to “Garden Beds Update

  1. I don’t think you beds look “rigged up”.
    Besides, just wait until they are covered with greenery and multi-colored blossoms and produce.

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