The “Fedge” has arrived!

After waking up this morning and pouring a cup of coffee, Ray (who I thought had already gone to work) came in through the garage and told me I had to come and see something.

Our “fedge” had arrived!


I was supposed to get an email notification of when the trees and shrubs shipped, so you can imagine my surprise to suddenly find them on my doorstep.

The freakout stopped (somewhat) after Ray reminded me of a call on the Survival Podcast regarding bare root trees. The caller explained how to keep bare root trees alive until you are ready to plant them. It’s called “heeling in”. I listened to the call a few times and then also found instructions in the box with our plants.

We are combining the advice from the caller, who has done this approach for years, as well as the advice in the instructions from the nursery.

Here’s the combo:
-Take a five gallon bucket and drill holes in the bottom for drainage.
-Fill with a layer of topsoil.
-Place bare root trees/shrubs in being careful not to let the roots touch the bottom or sides of the bucket. The plastic acts as a thermal bridge which would leech heat away from the roots.
-Fill with topsoil up to the planting mark on the trees/shrubs. Several of the sites I went to indicated that you may be able to fit 2-3 plants per bucket depending on their size.

Our action plan is to quickly “heel in” all the fedge materials and mark on our property where they will go. We have a rough idea but we are waiting for the utility companies to finish marking everything…which should be by the end if the day today. Once we have all the holes dug we will plant, plant, plant!

Pictures to come soon!

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