Blueberries, Strawberries and Roses

Despite the cold weather, we made some progress on our fedge this weekend.

We have three varieties of blueberry bushes planted. Sierra and Liberty are both upright bushes perfect for a hedge. They get up to 8′ tall and they look beautiful in the fall when their foliage changes to a bright red/orange. We planted three each of the Sierra and Liberty and our seventh plant was a leftover from Michigan so I’m not certain it will even grow.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that we took out three evergreen bushes from the front of our house and buried the remains in the holes we dug for our blueberries, planting the blueberries on top. Blueberries love acidic soil and evergreens can provide a nice acid-y environment.

image image

Ray and I planted 3 rose bushes and 4 varieties of strawberries. Scabrosa is the name of the rose plant and while roses are pretty, our main reason for wanting these is for the hips which can be dried or frozen as an excellent vitamin C source and used in soups, jellies, wines, honey, vinegar, rose water and oil. Did I mention wine?

We had a lot of fun with the strawberries this year too. We have a couple of June Bearing plants, a disease resistant variety called Earliglo which also bears in June, an upright variety called Rugen Alpine and a yellow strawberry called Alpine Yellow. That’s right….YELLOW. I’ve had yellow raspberries before but never strawberries. Ray is excited about that one because the description in the catalog says that it tastes like a strawberry/pineapple cross.

image image

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