Deer be Gone!

We have lived at this house for almost 9 months and in all that time we have not seen one deer. The day after we put our blueberries in three doe run through the yard and stop and graze in the back like they own the place.

I don’t know who told them we were planting, but I have a zero tolerance policy on deer after they ransacked everything we planted when we lived in Michigan…and that was only a few containers of tomatoes so I cannot imagine how many shades of red I will see if they get my first garden!

After researching several gardening blogs, the ingredients below are the most commonly used in a diy garden spray to deter deer. Several have said it is the second best deer deterrent. I think we all know what the first is. 🙂

Cayenne Pepper flakes
1 head of garlic
dish soap

Separate the cloves of garlic, but don’t remove the skin. Place garlic, pepper flakes and 1/2 cup of water in a blender or food processor and make a runny paste. run through a strainer or sieve to remove the large chunks. Separate into two spray bottles adding 1 TBSP of dish soap and two cups of water. Shake and label as shown below.

Of course, I could have cut the recipe in half to just make one spray bottle, but I’ve heard rumors that there is a buck in the area as well so I’m not taking any chances. Besides, Joe likes to help in the garden. 🙂

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