Big Day of Planting

The kids and I had a busy morning today. We had all sorts of seeds to plant.


Lettuce, Chard, Spinach, ParsleyimageChives, Basil, Cilantro, Thyme and Dill

Originally, I planned to plant the herbs and lettuce in the beds we built; however, those beds are far from the house and full sun for the majority of the day, so I planted the lettuces, chard, spinach and herbs right up next to the back deck.  It’s partial shade and can be my kitchen garden.




The spinach and lettuce I planted a few weeks ago have just sprouted. I don’t have too much hope for getting a big yield from these as it took them so long to sprout. But…that may just mean that they have a really strong root system. We’ll see.



My celery, the one I started from a store-bought cutting, has revived and is growing stalks and not just leaves. I transplanted it to the garden today.



Every day, I’m out in the garden either planting or watering. It’s true what people say…gardening is great therapy. It’s a wonderful feeling getting my hands in the dirt and knowing that the seedlings that sprout will one day soon be food on the table for my family.

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