Financially Unaware

While I have been moving forward most of my 13 in 13 goals, there is one I have been, well…avoiding.

Finance. I can balance a check book, create and stick to a budget, cut a recipe in half, ballpark my grocery bill based on what is in my cart and perform other basic math exercises. But, when it comes to understanding and being able to speak intelligently about 401ks, IRAs, stocks, etc…I’m pretty much completely at a loss.

I understand them at a basic level, but I cannot look at my portfolio and know what to do to make it perform better.

There are so many options out there beyond checking and savings accounts, 401ks and IRAs that I can’t help but think I am missing out on opportunities because I don’t “get it”.

So this is my vow to learn. We work with a financial advisor and I normally don’t ask questions because I feel self conscious. Not any more. I’m going to fully embrace that there is no such thing as a stupid question and I’m going to ask and ask and research and study until I do “get it”.

2 responses to “Financially Unaware

  1. Check out Dave Ramsey’s stuff, like Finical Peace University. I know Jack subscribes to some of his principles, like the Debt Snowball and such. I too am just getting my finical act together.

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