Soil PH

We probably should have tested our soil prior to starting up our garden and we may have avoided watching our blueberries wither…but better late than never.


I got the above kit at Ray’s new favorite store, Big R. I followed the directions and took three separate samples: garden/tree area, hedge area and hops area.


The three areas yielded pretty much the same result: our soil is very base with little to no acidity.

The good news is that most vegetables grow well in neutral to slightly acidic soils. The blueberries like acidity so we are amending that area with Miracle Grow fertilizer for plants that like acidic soil. Kale, squash, green peppers, eggplant, potatoes and tomatoes to name a few.

I’m happy to report that the blueberry plants are coming back. They are budding and have new growth. Even the plant that sat on our deck all winter is budding.

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