The Best Laid Plans

I knew I would redraw the garden plans a few times as we started planting. We soon realized that the beds would be too far for a “kitchen” garden so we put a bed right outside the back door for tomatoes, herbs and a few pepper plants.

Once we got started with the beds out back, we had to adjust our plans based on wind patterns and the addition of a few plants we wanted.


We added a few veggies and grains such as asparagus, sweet potatoes, okra and amaranth.

We added a couple more beds for the squash, pumpkin and watermelon because they need room to run.

We moved the extra tomatoes to their own bed because caging them would not work well on raised beds.

We’ve definitely deviated from our original plans…but instead of being frustrated, I’m excited. We are learning every day and our garden next year will be the better for it.

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