Joe, Jake and I made the rounds today to snap pictures and check on the progress of our little Eden. Joe pushed his little lawn mower while I pushed Jake in the stroller.

First, we hit the strawberries and roses. If we are lucky, there are usually a few ripe berries to munch on. Today I found two and a half. Apparently, someone else thought they looked tasty too. I put a couple of frogs out to scare away whatever is chewing on our berries.


Next, we hit the hops and kiwi. While the kiwi are still doing well, the hops have really taken off. We still only have three of the four we planted that are active…but each of them have sprouted at least two vines.

image image

Joe led the way as we circled back to check on the grapes. It looked as though something had been chewing on one of the grape leaves, but it may have just been torn by the wind because it was only on one plant.

image image

At this point, Joe started toward the back and when I did not immediately follow he turned back and said, “Mommy, back yard!” It was then I realized he was used to the routine of checking on the plants. He knew we start out front, hit the strawberries, hops, kiwi, grapes and fedge and then head to the back yard.

We stopped by the raised beds first and found the black seeded simpson had doubled in size since the last time I took a picture.


The peas have staked claim over the east side of the east-most bed and stand as if daring another vegetable or herb to encroach on their territory.


The cabbage amazes me. It keeps getting bigger and greener. Yes, of course I know that this is what is supposed to happen and it really isn’t all that amazing but to me it is proof of conquering the impossible. I grew these little babies from seed and saved them when they started to wilt.


Joe, not as impressed with my conquest, reminded me that we had not yet checked on the trees so we were off again to the west of the raised beds.

Ray and I were starting to worry a bit about our apple and Illinois everbearing mulberry trees. The weeping mulberry took off nearly as soon as the root was buried while the other two stood bare. Now they both have buds and will hopefully continue to fill out.

image image

The herbs, spinach and lettuce in the kitchen garden are growing fast and I look forward to the day I make a salad from only lettuce we grew.

The tomatoes I planted last week are doing well. A few of them look as though they have grown a bit and a few have yellowed leaves because of all the water we’ve been getting. I’m sure that they will perk back up once it stops raining for more than five minutes.

Then there are the tomatoes and peppers I started from seed over a month ago. They are evidently late “bloomers” because just about every single one I have left is finally leafing out. I have a theory that these will either be super strong and tasty or that they will never fruit. I hope it’s the former!


At this point Joe got distracted and started to play with other toys. I stood and watched him for awhile, so tickled that he was telling me what the routine was, that he showed interest in the plants and in what I do in the yard. I want so much for him to understand how to grow his own food, but more than that, I want him to love growing it.

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