Second and Last Warning

This is a cease and desist notice to the deer attacking our fedge.

You received the first notice when you made one of our blueberry plants your daily snack. We made a tonic of garlic, dish soap and cayenne pepper and sprayed our plants. This “pepper spray” worked for a time but you and your buddies seem to have developed an immunity to it.

Against all warnings, you have returned and attacked the fedge with renewed vigor. The blueberries are no longer your only victims. Now, the chokeberries have captured your fancy as well.

Perhaps your worst mistake was to have developed a taste for our hops, one which you will soon regret.

Thankfully, for you, you chose to leave my grapes alone.

We have now taken the next step and have staked soap bars around the hedge and hops area. We have been told that this scent drives you insane. We will also put a few cages around as an added defense against your heinous attacks.

Deer! This is your final notice. There will be no third warning. Just keep this in mind when you are thinking if attacking our plants: a fence is not in the budget.

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