Resilient plants

I wonder what makes some plants so resilient.

I thought I had lost all of the pepper plants I started from seed. Only one roma tomato survived and the peppers were still just sprouts when I put them outside. Well, in the past two weeks they have shot up and filled out. Now they are robust, hardy little starts ready to be planted. They will either not produce much or be the most productive plants in the garden.image

Below is the rose bush that the wind was whipping around something fierce when we first planted it. I staked it to a piece of bamboo but did not have any real hope for it. Now it is doing better than the other two and it has a bud!


The autumn olive are coming back too. Two of the three have started to revive since I started to treat the soil with acidic fertilizer. One is still just a stick but I have faith that it will return as well.


And then there is the lavendar. We had lavender all over our property in Michigan so we pulled one to plant at our new home. There was so much going on when we moved in and we did not have a chance to put it in the ground so it sat in a bucket all winter. We had both given it up and I was going to put it on the compost pile but then noticed that it had new growth!



Not all of my seedlings survived and not all of the starts I planted will make it, but I wonder at the ones that will. They were from the same flat and the same nursery or the same seed packet. They were all started or planted in the same soil/compost mix, all watered and talked to with the same amount of love…so what makes the survivors different?

What makes their little personalities say, “Hey, I may be down, but I’m not out…have faith.”

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