Bean Trellis and Other Stories

A quick follow-up to my post on beans. The trellis is up!

We deviated a bit from our original plan but our deviation should make maintenance easier. Both the pole beans and bush variety are shooting up quickly. I’m researching what to put in for the birds to distract them from my beans. Apparently, reasoning with them doesn’t work.

Also, the beautiful burgundy amaranth is growing. Like so many of the seeds we purchased this year, this is an experiment. We know we like the flavor and we hope to be able to share with our friend whose little girl is diabetic as it is extremely low in gluten, but if it doesn’t produce, we’ll adjust and try again next year.

To my amazement since treating with acidic fertilizer, the autumn olive has come back swinging. Two of the three have filled out and started to grow like the noxious weed they are reported to be.
image image

Now to get the deer off my fedge!

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