All Caged Up

At last we have started to make cages for all of our plants that need protection or support to grow. We started with the aronia (choke berries) and blueberries as, shocking though it is, the deer completely ignored my cease and desist notice.

We had a few store-bought tomato cages we are using, but the ones we made are sturdier and will provide more support as the tomato plants grow taller.

wpid-IMG_20130616_142848_288.jpg wpid-IMG_20130616_142843_537.jpg

For the homemade cages, we bought a roll of 10 gauge wire at Menards and cut to fit each tomato plant allowing a bit of room for the plant to fill out. I read an article in Backwoods Home Magazine all about growing tomatoes successfully and the author recommended this type of caging. Although, storage may be an issue as they do not stack well. Sounds like we need a garden shed!

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