Permaculture Epiphany #1

Last week I had my first Permaculture epiphany.

I have been watching the videos for the Permaculture Design Course (PDC) I am taking at night after the kiddos have gone to bed. I thought I could try to watch some of them during the day while they napped but getting them to both nap at the same time is a feat…and when it happens, Mommy takes a nap too.

Ray and I were watching a video on using natural resources in your design and I said, “That sounds like project management.” Then the light bulb blazed.

Permaculture IS project management! It’s the perfect project management model. Every team member has a job and that is all they want to do…nature is my project team. I just have to train and redirect what it naturally does to benefit my homestead plans.

I really needed this epiphany. The course, while interesting, was starting to seem wrong for me. I was starting to worry that it was a mistake for me to sign up for it.

But I was looking at it the wrong way. I know project management, and while I may not have designed the artwork in my job, I did design the workflow systems, made the schedules and made sure that everyone did their part to get the job done.

That it’s exactly what Permaculture design is…not designing a dress or a poster…it’s designing a system and making sure that all of the team members do their job in order to have the most success.

So many ecosystems have been destroyed and many of the”team members” need a nudge to more quickly repair and reconnect with their passion. I can be that nudge. I can show my team how to work together again. At least, by the end of this course I can.

It’s exactly what I did as a project manager and it’s perfect for me.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting new adventure!

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