Adventures in Homesteading: A Tale of Three Tails (Based on a true story)

Lissa was pulling the garden cart out of the garage one sunny afternoon when she first saw the mouse. Actually, she just saw the tail wiggling away through the crack between the driveway and the garage floor.

She didn’t scream, faint or run. She stood frozen wondering how the cheeky little rodent dared to invade her garage.

Shrugging, she went back into the house and got a mousetrap and some cheese, thinking “there is probably just the one.” This was a silly thought of course.

She set the trap and went on about her afternoon, watering and tending to the garden.

At the end of the day, she trudged back to the garage, tired and ready for a cool glass of water. Before she went into the house, she noticed a small scrap of paper next to the mousetrap she had set. She picked it up and saw a note. The writing was teeny tiny and hard to make out. She squinted and read:

“Dear Madam…nice try. Signed, The Three Tails”

Gasping, she looked down at the trap. The cheese was gone. Well, most of it. Someone, or something, had left one small chunk of cheese balanced perfectly on top of the un-sprung trap…as if to taunt her.

Confused a she was, she was certain of two things. One, she had more than one mouse. Two, they had chosen the wrong household to invade.

To be continued…

4 responses to “Adventures in Homesteading: A Tale of Three Tails (Based on a true story)

  1. Nice start, I will be back to read more.

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