Adventures in Homesteading: Natural Mice Remedies (Part 2 of 3)

Lissa set out to defeat the clever mice. She researched and researched and finally found a few…unexpected tricks to try. They were obviously too smart to fall for traps or poison so she would have to go the way of natural remedies to get rid of this trio of troublemakers.

First, she tried cotton balls soaked in peppermint oil. She had read that mice could not stand the strong scent and that it masked food scent that was so enticing to them. But the mice just wrote a thank you note for the “lovely perfume”.

Then she tried sticking steel wool in the cracks they always scurried down. The steel wool was said to be “impossible to break through” for mice…an impenetrable barrier. The mice, mischievous as they were, broke through with no problem and placed the steel wool in front of the door in the shape of a smiley face.

Nothing was working. Sealing entries was impossible because they just chewed new holes. Using tubs of used kitty litter was out of the question because (1) where would she get them and (2)…gross.

Desperate, she tried to reason with them with a note. “Dear Mice, please leave my home or I will resort to drastic measures.”

Apparently, the mice were not frightened by her threat. They quickly wrote back. “We’d like to see you try.”

At her wits end, Lissa was contemplating going down to the pet store to get some dried snake poo when she found another note from the mice.

“We will leave quietly, if you teach us to cook.”

Could this be the remedy? Teaching the mice to cook??

(…to be continued)


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