In the Trenches

Today I planted the rest of the beans.

Ray dug trenches for me and I spaced the seeds slightly closer than the package directed. I filled a bucket with a compost/topsoil mix and put a thin layer over the top of the seedlings and then watered them in. We will continue the posts and twine down the line and we may throw some flowers in the middle.
While I was out, I checked on our volunteer squash. Because this was a volunteer, I did not expect to get any squash from it, so I was surprised to see there are at least four female flowers!

The females can be distinguished by the bulb at the base of the flower and they are the ones that turn into the squash.

The males do not have that feature but they pollinate the female to get nice hardy squash.
I snapped a picture of my kitchen garden as well. I’m very happy with the way it looks, and I love going out to get lettuce for dinner or cilantro for salsa and basil and Rosemary for Ray’s birthday lasagna.

Our little paradise is coming along quite nicely…even if I do say so myself.

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