Two Kiwi Gals and a Guy*

Woman, cheer up and revive!
Show this world that you’re alive.
Heal your sister, do it quick!
She is no more than a stick.

wpid-IMG_20130709_093702_427.jpg wpid-IMG_20130709_093719_473.jpg

This man, he grows so lush, so green
He’s taunting you so it would seem.
Dig those roots in ladies, now!
Show this guy that you know how!


*Pollination: All need a male and female to set fruit. One male can pollinize up to 8 females. The fuzzy kiwi male is the best pollinator and can pollinate the fuzzy or arguta female. The arguta male can pollinate the arguta or fuzzy female because bloom times partially overlap. Kolomiktas bloom later. (Source, Raintree Nursery)

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