Adventures in Homesteading: The Bean Burglars, Part One

Lissa was planting pole beans in the garden when she heard it.

“Cheep, cheep-cheep.”

Looking up she saw two red winged black birds circling. She smiled to herself thinking how pretty they were with there scarlet wings and went back to planting the beans.

“Cheep-cheep, cheep.”

“Cheep-cheep-cheep, cheep!”

How nice she thought, they are talking to one another.


Lissa jumped and looked up again. The two birds were perched on the bean trellis staring at her.

“We are going to eat your beans.”

Shocked Lissa said, “Excuse me?”

“Well, we like beans…so, we’re going to eat them.”

“No, you most certainly are not!”

The two cheeky birds looked at each other and to Lissa’s amazement, rather annoyingly, began to laugh. Then, with a tilt of their heads, they flew off.

Lissa finished planting her beans, with less enjoyment and more determination than before, when she thought the birds were pretty, and they hadn’t threatened to steal her beans. She ran inside to get some tulle to use as a floating row cover of sorts and covered her precious seeds in case the birds decided to scratch and dig for them.

Satisfied with her handiwork, she looked up at the sky and saw them circling again.

“You birds better leave my beans alone!” She yelled, knowing full well that she looked ridiculous standing in the middle of her garden shaking her fist at two birds flying high above her newly planted beans.

(To be continued.)

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