Irrigation: A Stop Gap

Today I put soaker hoses in the back beds. I zig-zagged five flat soaker hoses through my carrots, beans and peppers, through my volunteer squash, through my cucumber and okra, through my pole beans, pumpkins and amaranth and through my tomatoes.

I hooked a 125 foot hose to the end of one of the soakers and then pulled it out to another hose coming from the faucet off the house.

It was hot. The hoses were all uncooperative. It was a good thing that my little 2-year-old parrot was inside with his dad.

This solution will work for now but it is by no means permanent. It is a stop gap until I can design the irrigation system for our property.

In the Permaculture Design Course (PDC) I am taking there is a whole section on water and irrigation…I’m not quite there yet. I will be finishing the course up by the end of August and will spend the fall and winter studying the notes I have been taking on our year of gardening…finding patterns and learning how to turn the problems we have into solutions.

That concept of turning a problem into a solution, even if it is for something else, has been the theme of the PDC videos.

I like it. It makes me think critically. It makes me feel useful in the face of all the stuff I haven’t yet learned about both gardening and permaculture. It feels good.

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