Bouncy Bubbles Experiment

Joe has been asking to do another “speriment” so here we go!

1 cup of distilled water
2 tablespoons of Dawn dish soap
1 tablespoon of glycerin
Pair of inexpensive gloves
Small bubble wand

Mix up the ingredients to make the Bouncing Bubble Solution-at least 24 hours in advance of blowing your bubbles. This will make stronger bubbles.

Using a small bubble wand, blow a bubble about the size of a tennis ball and catch with your gloved hands. I found that the gloves didn’t work well, but it could have been the material. A kitchen towel worked best for me but experiment with different materials.

image image
Ingredients Explained
Water is the key ingredient in bubble solution. Distilled is best.

Dawn dish soap seems to work better than any other brand when making bubbles. I tried generic and it just didn’t work.

But the secret ingredient is glycerin. That’s what gives the bubble its extra strength. (OK, it’s not so secret because I told you the recipe.)

We all know that regular bubbles burst when they come in contact with anything, but these bubbles will bounce off of any surface that is not oily or dirty. Oil and dirt break down the soap film thereby popping regular strength bubbles. Glycerin gives them the strength to carry on!

Have fun making your own!

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