DIY Beauty: A Money, Skin and Hair Saver

Making your own beauty products is, for the most part, less expensive than store bought and better for your skin. I make my own shampoo and face wash as well as lotion and sunscreen.

For the shampoo, I use coconut milk, castile soap, castor oil and a little bit of olive oil for conditioning.

Castile Soap ($30 for 64 oz) 1/3 cup
Coconut Milk (1.79 for 12 oz) ¼ cup
Olive 1tsp (soft cost)
10-20 drops essential (optional, I used peppermint oil for the tingly feeling.) ($12, for 5ml)

Mix all ingredients in an empty shampoo or soap bottle. I used an old baby wash bottle. Shake and label.


Not only is it healthier for your scalp and hair, but it is less expensive than regular shampoo and you don’t need to use as much. I use about a tablespoon to wash my hair. It comes out to being about $2* for 16 oz. whereas store-bought is anywhere from $3.50 (12 oz Suave) to $11 (10 oz Redken) or more depending on your brand. It’s easy to make, costs less and lasts longer!

*Disclaimer: In figuring the cost for the homemade, I did not include the olive oil as as I consider it a “soft” cost as I already buy it for cooking and only use about 1 tsp in the recipe.

And now for the facewash.

I use equal parts olive oil and castor oil. So, for a 16 oz bottle you would use

16-ounce bottle of olive oil ($6.99)
16-ounce bottle of castor oil ($6.50)
Empty bottle (I used an empty pump bottle that used to contain baby soap)
Each 8 oz bottle is about 3.30 if you count the olive oil, and you will only need to use about a teaspoon twice a day. If you count the olive oil as a “soft” cost you are only spending about $1.60. Is there cheaper facewash? Absolutely. But, it is laden with chemicals that are not good for your skin and you don’t have the extra cost of moisturizer because this is a 2 in 1 face care method!


Now, I know what everyone is thinking…oil on your face? How in the world will that work? Aren’t we trying to avoid oily skin?

The secret here is the castor oil. It gets in those clogged pores and pulls out all the gunk and bad oil, getting rid of acne and drying your skin out. Now you are thinking “Wait, now we are drying out our skin? This makes no sense.”

That is where the olive oil comes into play. Olive oil is a natural moisturizer and skin hydrator. For years and years people have been using it to soften skin. Trust me, if you start using this you will be deluged with compliments on how awesome, soft and glowing your skin looks.

Still don’t believe me? Try it for a week…I dare you. 🙂

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