Today in the Garden

Today’s harvest…


Biggest so far…besides the days before the lettuce bolted that is.


This is the fruit of our other volunteer squash. There is no sign yet of the squash bug, but I will be checking the leaves and squishing any eggs I find daily. This just might turn out to be a globe zucchini.


And this, dear readers, is a jalapeno. A jalapeno I started from seed so long a ago. One that I gave up for lost. Finally!


Another pumpkin I found today, and along with it I found eggs on the back of two leaves. Don’t worry, I squished them. I will be inspecting the squash at all times now.

I also found white eggs on the back of a cucumber leaf, which I squished. This might be evidence of the cucumber version of the squash bug…I’ll report back.

It occurred to me that I haven’t taken a picture of the full garden out back in all it’s glory, so here you go…



…gorgeous, right?

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