The Bug Vacuum

There’s a new weapon to combat squash bug terrorism.

We are pushing back the front lines.

We are taking back our spaghetti squash.

No more squishing, no more squashing.
We’ve stepped up our game.

We have implemented the Bug Vacuum. (Queue “We are the Champions”.)


We’ve sacrificed our volunteer spaghetti squash. We’ve made it the trap crop for the cause.

Pre-battle preparations:
Make sure the bug vacuum is fully charged and fill a bucket with hot soapy water.

Find the squash bugs and turn the vacuum on.

Full combat mode:
Begin eradication.

Once the vacuum is full, empty into the bucket and stir to fully destroy them.



It takes less time than squashing. It’s more effective. And, it’s just plain fun. 

Try it. You won’t be sorry you did.

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