13 in 13 Progress

This is exciting. It is only mid-August and I’ve started or “completed” almost all of my 13! Usually, I am super motivated until about January 31 and then I figure I gave it a go so I can slack off for the rest of the year. Not this year!

Here we go!

Gardening. I am still going strong and very happy with the lessons I’ve learned along the way. I didn’t plant everything I said I would plant, but I made the decision to cut my losses so we could have a more successful first year.

Sewing. Well, I sewed a rather crooked line on my practice fabric and then had some problems with the sewing machine. Luckily, my grandma was able to fix it but now I have lost all motivation to start again. In October, I am going to make the boys’ costumes. They will be Thing One and Thing Two. I know, I know. It sounds like a cop out to simply sew white circles on a red sweatshirt. Well that’s too bad. I’m counting it!

Finance. I wanted to become a bit more savvy…ok, I wanted to be able to understand discussions about interest rates, 401ks, the stock market…not doing so great on this one but I still have a bit more time.

Canning. Luckily, canning season is only just now approaching and we have already canned some okra and cucumbers. Next up: tomatoes.

First Aid. I’m going to take a beginner CPR class next month with some other mom’s from the MOPS group I joined.

Water Catchment. So I did not technically acquire this skill, but I feel like it is at least in progress because Ray installed a rain barrel a few weeks ago.

Vinting. COMPLETE! On to the second batch to become even more skilled.

Marksmanship. COMPLETE! At least my first go at it is complete. Are you ever really done with marksmanship training? Or, any of these skills for that matter.

Writing. I’ve hit my goal and feel I am improving constantly.

Gardening. Ditto for the above.

Permaculture Design. Almost done with this one. I’m so grateful that the design project due date has been extended to the end of September. Not that I could not have got it done by the end of August of course. The extra time just gives me a chance to perfect my design.

Fitness. I feel more fit due in large part to gardening and chasing the boys around. I also surpassed my goal for 5ks. Initially I said three, but I have now done 4 with a plan to do one or two more this year. However, I have not kept up my running in between 5ks. So I don’t feel that this goal is truly complete.

Cooking and eating healthy. I actually feel like we are doing great with this…most of the time. Our weeknight meals are really healthy and chock full of veggies and protein. We could improve our weekend meals. I’m not sure why, but I have always thought that the food you eat on the weekend or on vacation does not count. I’m not delusional. I just really like ice cream.

So that’s everything! I’m very proud of the progress I’ve made and, if I do say it myself, impressed that I have not given up on any of them. Of course, it really helps to have a great husband and family to constantly encourage me to keep going.

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