Incredible (Non-edible) Foam Dough

Joe woke up today and as I was cooking our daily bacon he suddenly said, “Mommy, I want to do a ‘speriment.”

We’ve been a little lax on experiments during the summer because it is so nice outside.  And since much, if not all, of toddler learning is from observing and doing, it is nice to mix it up a bit.

We garden and play, we go to the store and learn new foods, practice our numbers and colors and we observe nature…a lot. Joe likes to squat down and study a bug crawling across the pavement or chase frogs around the yard. I’m amazed at how much his vocabulary has expanded this summer.

But, it’s time to do an indoor project since it is so hot outside. So here we go!

Materials Needed:
Shaving cream
Food coloring (Optional, but a must for Joe)
Paper plate
Cups, spoons, bowls, play dough toys, etc. (Again optional, but a lot more fun.

All we needed to do was pour the cornstarch into a pile on some waxed paper, and squirt about the same amount of shaving cream on top of the cornstarch, adding more until you get a moldable dough…sort of..


Then, the fun part for any toddler: Squish and goop up with your hands, adding food coloring.


A fun, quick and messy project that everyone (at least every toddler) will thoroughly enjoy.


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