A Dense Experiment

I discovered a website dedicated to candy experiments on Pinterest. We love experiments and we love candy so it was a perfect match.

For the first round, I picked the Density Rainbow experiment using skittles. (See link for full instructions and materials needed.)

We got a bag of skittles, a spoon and six plastic cups ready.

As the instructions said, we put 2TB of water in each of 5 cups. The boys had fun with this and did a great job taking turns. After a few rounds, I didn’t even have to remind them to share.

Then they helped me count out the skittles needed: 2 red, 4 orange, 6 yellow, 8 green and 10 purple. This part was a little more difficult because it involved patience. The boys couldn’t eat the skittles we needed for the experiment so it was a rough few minutes for them.

Dissolving the skittles did not take nearly as long as I thought, under ten minutes.* 

And then we got this sludge.

*I looked back through the comments on the website and I think I know what I did wrong. I should have made this a two day experiment because the “dissolving the skittles” step means exactly that. Dissolve the skittles…in their entirety. We, impatient as we are, just waited for the color coating to dissolve and thought, “Woo hoo! Full steam ahead!”

Because we are such chocolate fanatics, we are going to try the Chocolate Bloom next…and we will try to keep our patient hats on while we do it.

2 responses to “A Dense Experiment

  1. You really have to dissolve everything for the Skittles density rainbow. And it’s really hard to do. But it’s really worth it. You could try the Nerds alternative–I think they dissolve a little easier. (I just chose Skittles for the rainbow because it was the first candy that worked for me, and also because the rainbow colors are so close at hand.)

    Thanks for trying candy experiments!

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