New Blog Address (sort of)

Since I have been blogging just about every day or two since February, I decided to get my very own url. This means that instead of typing “” you can simply type “”. You can still get to the blog if you type the .wordpress address. You will just be redirected to the .com.

I know. Doesn’t seem like that big of a deal right? I’m sure most of you click a facebook link or get an email when a new post goes up and don’t need to type in the address anyway.

But, there are several reasons why this is a big deal.

For one, it will be so much easier to remember without the “”.

Another is increased search engine optimization or SEO. When you type a word or term into a search box, the results come back pre-ranked. All of the .com sites get a higher ranking and show up towards the top of the results page. The .wordpress and other free blog sites might still be in there somewhere…but you’d have to click through to the 9,999,999,999 page to get to it.

But, the real reason it is such a big deal? IT IS SO COOL TO HAVE MY VERY OWN .COM!!!

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