Adventures in Homesteading: Mutant in the Garage

There was a strange noise coming from the garage. A soft, high pitched whine. When Lissa heard it, she wandered into the garage to investigate. She didn’t see it at first. It moved too quickly.

Then, she saw a blur moving swiftly around the ceiling, a “faster than the speed of light” fast. She watched it for a few minutes, curious but uneasy. Could it be a swarm of tiny bees ready to dive bomb, stingers primed? Or, maybe it was an angry bat waiting for the chance to attack anything that moved.

She was just about to sprint back into the house, letting her imagination completely run away with her, when it stopped short and landed on the bicycle tire hanging from the ceiling.

No, it wasn’t some genetic mutant that had plans to set up headquarters for world domination in her garage. It was a hummingbird and it was trapped. The poor thing started moving again, flying around in a frenzy. Lissa could almost hear the tiny voice screaming, “Oh no, oh no, oh no. Have to get out! Help!”


Lissa didn’t know much about hummingbirds. She knew they were small, fast and colorful. She knew they liked nectar. She thought she could simply shoo it out of the garage but that proved to only increase the panic in the poor little thing.

Thinking she could use a makeshift net, she went inside and grabbed some tulle, a sewing hoop and some grill tongs. What a ridiculous thought. After a few minutes of trying, Lissa stopped racing around the garage, looking absurd with her net made of tongs and tulle trying to catch a bird that could go 15 mph. She could swear she heard the cheeky little thing laughing at her through it’s fright.

Finally, she remembered that they had a feeder left by the previous owners of the house. She found it and made a red sugar water; she also knew they were attracted to color. She took it into the garage and hung it from the bicycle tire hoping it would be smart and thirsty enough to land on it for a sip. It was.

Landing on the feeder, it’s tiny tongue darted into the flower shaped hole and slurped up all the crimson water. Belly distended, it leaned slightly up against the plastic of the feeder and looked around. When it saw the opening in the garage, it’s teensy head popped up. It looked at Lissa, gave a slight nod and sped out of the garage, free at last.

4 responses to “Adventures in Homesteading: Mutant in the Garage

  1. What a cute little story.

  2. Oh happy day!

  3. “Oh happy day!” Love it! Just reading that honestly brought a tear to my eye. I miss Gma C.!
    Cute story, Melissa.

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