Sewing a Seat Sack: A So-So Result

My first sewing project. It was supposed to be a seat sack for quickly storing magazines, coloring books and other odds and ends when clearing the dining room table for dinner. I saw the idea on Pinterest and thought, “Oh, that looks like an easy first sewing project for me!”


And it would have been…had I bothered to check my enthusiasm and actually read through the directions a few times before starting. Perhaps a seasoned veteran in sewing could have whipped this together without a problem, but I am not seasoned in the art of sewing so I should have known better than to try and “wing it” on my first go.

The first part was easy enough. Ok, it was easy enough after my grandma showed me how to sew a seam correctly. Apparently, when you are sewing a seam, the pretty sides of the fabric you are working with should face each other. I had just folded the fabric in half and started sewing which resulted in a frayed and sad looking seam.

There are several videos on YouTube that are helpful to watch before you start sewing your seam. This is the one that I found to be helpful.

image image

After watching the video a few times and reading the section on seams in Sewing for Dummies, I was ready to try again. When I finished my seam was very uneven and not quite as beautiful as I had hoped, but after flipping the fabric around I let out a little giggle because at least it slightly resembled a seam!



Then I went back and sewed the top. In hindsight, I should have done this step before sewing the seam. Not only would it have made it look prettier than it does, but it would have made the whole thing a lot sturdier. (Alright, so I only realized this after going back and fully reading the instructions.)

I’m not really sure how much weight this pocket will be able to hold so I may end up using it to store plastic grocery sacks instead of heavy books and magazines. But, I am considering this a success in that I learned how to (correctly) sew a seam, which I’m told is the most basic of sewing techniques. Boy do I have a long way to go!

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