Winter Garden: A Poem

Warm weather gardens have come to an end,
Planning for next year is about to begin.
Saving the seeds from the plants that did great,
Looking for new seeds to sow, we can’t wait!

Tomatoes and okra, potatoes and trees,
Anxiously waiting to start all the seeds.
Asparagus, yacon, rhubarb and cherries,
More kiwis and grapes and hops and blueberries.

In cold frames we’ll garden and grow through the winter,
Lettuce and cabbage we’ll have in December.
Carrots and spinach and onions and chard,
Parsley and leeks, I hope it’s not hard.

Fresh veggies we’ll have at our Thanksgiving feast,
At Christmas we’ll have fresh green salad, at least.
If we’re not successful, at least we have tried,
To garden in winter, in cold frames outside.

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