Fall Curriculum Planning

Without the garden to tend to, I’ve been a little lost. Activities with the boys have been relegated to movies, reading, games and the occasional experiment or craft. There is no real structure plan for our week so I end up aimlessly pinning fun and educational activities on Pinterest. Not productive.

So I decided to stop being lazy and put a plan for the week together. Now I’m not delusional. I know that having a plan means nothing with two little wild and energetic boys in the house, but I want to have something to shoot for each week so I don’t feel like I’ve accomplished nothing by the time Friday rolls around.

Here is my curriculum. Every week, probably Sunday, I will sit and search through my pins for lessons, activities, experiments, field trips, etc to plunk into each category.

Each day has a theme, so on Monday the activities we do will be centered around math and numbers. Now…that doesn’t mean that we won’t practice counting and recognizing numbers all week long…it just means that on Mondays, math is our main focus.

The same is true for every other day. Just because Tuesday we will be doing reading and writing activities, doesn’t mean that we won’t also practice those skills on Math or Science day.

Monday: Math Day
Tuesday: Reading and Phonics Day
Wednesday: Read-aloud, Trip to the library for story time
Thursday: Science Day, Experiment
Friday: Free Day

I want this to be as practical as possible. I don’t want the boys to just memorize and regurgitate facts without understanding the concepts behind them. I want learning to be fun for them and I want them to get excited about it. The “lessons” are going to be hands on. I am going to tailor them to what interests the boys.

Memorization has its place and so is a great skill to have, but it’s important to me for the boys to stay curious, to seek out knowledge…to learn by doing.

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