Fall Curriculum Week One

Last week I outlined a plan for a fall curriculum for the boys as a way to help me get organized and motivated. I’m going to make it a regular segment on this blog to share my plan for each week.

Here we go!

Monday, November 4: Math Day

We are going to work on numbers this week and counting. I think I’ve mentioned before that Joe knows 1-10 and some in the teens by sight but his counting is random. 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 9, 12, 17, 19, 419…I think I might use these as my lottery numbers because it’s pretty much the same every time.

Tuesday, November 5: Reading and Phonics Day

Ray came up with a fun scavenger hunt using these alphabet books that Jake got for his birthday. Joe loved it! There is a letter for each book and sample pictures of objects that begin with that letter. The first time he played it, Joe kept running up to me and exclaiming, “Mommy look! We found a banana!” So we will play that game.

We started a chapter book last week called “A-Z Mysteries: The Absent Author”. It’s a series and it goes through the alphabet so we will also read a chapter from that. I will probably just plan to read him a chapter every day. There aren’t a lot of pictures, which is new for him, but so far he seems to be enjoying it. I’m glad the chapters are short because he loses interest pretty quickly.

Wednesday, November 6: Read-aloud, Trip to the library for story time.

This will probably just be the morning at the library. We’ve never been to story time because we can’t seem to get out of the house in time, but we will make an effort to get there moving forward. I may end up changing this day up a bit week to week.

Thursday, November 7: Science Day, Experiment

We will probably take a field trip to our friend’s house this week to visit Joe’s friend Patrick and his new baby brother.

Maybe we’ll bring this week’s experiment with magnets with us to entertain her Patrick and Joe. It’s not messy and it’s pretty short so hopefully it will keep their attention.

Friday, November 8: Free Day

We’ll make this a fun and silly game day. Build forts, find shapes and play Chutes and Ladders, Twister and Connect Four. Maybe bake some cookies if we have time.

3 responses to “Fall Curriculum Week One

  1. You are an awesome Mom! I think it is neat that Ray gets involved, too.

  2. Awesome Mamma. I enjoy reading.

  3. Thank you! I’m having so much fun with this!

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