Fall Curriculum: Week 2

Last week we started our fall curriculum. I think Joe enjoyed it! We switched up the days a bit, but I expected that we wouldn’t follow it exactly as written. Joe is almost three afterall.

Here is this week’s plan.

Monday, November 11: Math Day

In addition to counting and the balloon number game, today we will also be working on identifying shapes (and colors). I took popsicle sticks and attached velcro dots to the ends and cut shapes out of different colors of construction paper. Joe will use the popsicle sticks to build the shape and match the color. Idea courtesy of A, B, C, Preschool via Pinterest.

Joe will learn colors, shapes and numbers!


Tuesday, November 12: Language and Reading Day

I found this idea on Pinterest as well. I’m going to print these out and have Joe use a bingo marker to “fill in” the dots and tell me what letters he is working on. I think he will enjoy this one…although I have told him not to pound markers on the table because it ruins the tips. I’m sure this is going to backfire and undo all of the work I’ve done to get him to stop doing that.


Wednesday, November 13: Read-aloud and Library

We will take another trip to the library this week for storytime. Last week was the first storytime we went to and it did not go well. All Joe wanted to do was run around the room and make noise and all Jake wanted to do was follow his big brother. But…the only way to get him to start behaving during storytime is to continue to take him and continue to work on his listening skills. Plus, the library is where the Thomas train table is so I can use that as bribery.

Thursday, November 14: Science Day

I am really excited about this week’s science experiment and lesson. I found it on science-sparks.com. We will read The Very Hungry Caterpillar to learn how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. We’ve read this about a zillion times and Joe loves it. Then, using toilet paper, I’ll wrap him up in his own little cocoon and have him “break free”. He is going to love it!

After that, we’ll make caterpillars out of play-dough using pipe cleaners for the antennae and googly eyes. Maybe this will spark another bug hunter story too. How fun!

Friday, November 15: Free Day

Free day! Since it is November…and just about Thanksgiving, we are going to make fall color place mats using construction paper. Another idea found via Pinterest. This will help Joe with dexterity as it involves weaving construction paper.

And that is our week!

2 responses to “Fall Curriculum: Week 2

  1. get some clear contact paper to “laminate” your placemats. Be sure to add a picture of him with the year and his age. Continue the tradition each year. Break them out year after year to see the change. Lots of fun!!

  2. Can I go to your school? It sounds like fun.

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