Joe the Bug Hunter: Shoo Fly

Charlie was chasing his tail. At least that is what Joe thought at first, but on closer inspection he realized he was after a bug. A fly to be exact.
The only thing Joe really knew about flies is that they have sticky feet and they liked stinky things.

He knew it would be difficult to catch, but he grabbed his bug gun anyway. It was worth a try.

After 40 minutes of chasing, Joe finally gave up and trudged over to the laptop to do some research.

He read about how flies lay eggs in batches of 75-150, but little white maggots hatch instead of baby flies. When they finally emerge into adult flies they fly around and eat rotten food to get the energy to lay more eggs. They are most active during the day. If they are inside at night, you’ll find them hanging out on the ceiling or in the corners not doing much of anything.

Joe was not impressed with the fly. What was it’s purpose? Laying eggs and eating?

The maggots, or fly larva, were kind of like mini worms. He read about fishermen who throw a handful of maggots into the water to attract the fish they really want.

“I wonder if Grandpa ever does that,” he murmured.

Suddenly, Joe had an idea. With renewed determination, he grabbed his bug gun and headed back to the kitchen.

“Mom,” he exclaimed, “I know what we can get Grandpa for Christmas!”

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