Fall Curriculum: Week 3

Another new week, another new curriculum!

Monday, November 18: Math Day

I’ve mentioned before that Joe likes to count in random order. He seems to enjoy it and so I don’t pressure him to get it right. This past week, he has shown a real interest in counting in order. We were looking at a picture of a caterpillar that had 5 white dots on its side and Joe pointed to the dots and said, “1, 2, 3, 1, 2.” He did this several times so I’m going with it.

I’m going to combine Joe’s love of hunting bugs with his newfound interest in counting. Using pipe cleaners, I’m going  to make little bugs, hide them around the house and we are going to hunt them. I’ll hide a specific number so that Joe will have to count them as we go.

Tuesday, November 19: Library Field Trip

We will be going to a newly opened library this week.

Wednesday, November 20: Language and Reading Day

The dot letters activity was a huge hit! We are almost all the way through the alphabet so we will finish that up this week. Since I’ve mounted the letters on construction paper, I thought we could take it one step further and walk around the house, yard, etc looking for things that start with each letter.

Thursday, November 21: Science Day

Joe is going to love this week’s science experiment. We will be using celery, food coloring and water to explore both the scientific method and how plants get the water and nutrients they need.

Friday, November 22: Free Day

We didn’t get to the fall color place mats activity so we’ll try for it again this week.

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