Balloon and a Bottle

After breakfast, Joe said he wanted to do a “speriment” so…we did a “Magic Balloon” experiment.

Supplies Needed:
Water bottle
4 Tbs baking soda
2 Tbs vinegar

First, take the balloon and stretch it around the funnel, it makes it SO much easier to get the baking soda in. Pour baking soda in funnel and remove balloon…carefully or you will get baking soda everywhere like I did.

Second, pour the vinegar in the water bottle.

Third, stretch the balloon over the bottle opening but hold the baking soda back, you don’t want to start shaking it in until the balloon is fully on the bottle.


Fourth, shake the baking soda into the bottle and watch as the balloon inflates. It’s so cool!


And finally, explain why this happens. Now, we have done experiments with baking soda and vinegar many, many times so I explained again how the chemical reaction of the baking soda and vinegar react and produce carbon dioxide, an invisible gas. The vinegar fizzes and the carbon dioxide rises up and gets trapped in the balloon causing it to inflate.

Joe’s response? “Cool!”

Then he wanted to do it again and again. It was fun!

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