Fall Curriculum Week 5

This week, and probably every week until the end of December, we will be doing Christmas-themed learning activities.

Math Activity
We are going to combine shapes and counting with Christmas this week. All you need is construction paper and scissors to do this activity.

We will cut three circles, squares, rectangles, triangles and other shapes out of green construction paper. Be sure to vary the size because you want to be able to stack them to look like a tree.

Next, we will draw or cut brown “stumps” and glue them to a piece of paper. Then I’ll have Joe (with Jake looking on, soaking it all up) count out three squares, triangles, circles, etc and we will glue them in the shape of a Christmas tree.

Language Activity
I think I am going to work with our Elf on the Shelf, Nim, on this one. I am going to make up letter cards using 3×5 note cards. Then, I will ask Nim to take one letter with him each morning so that when the boys find him, they also find the letter of the day.

Then, we will find something that starts with that letter and glue it to the card creating a Christmas ABC book. It’s going to be fun!

Science Activity
We are going to do an experiment using candy canes, water and vinegar. This experiment shows dissolving, the polarity of water and density…big topics for an almost-three-year-old so the fun for him will be in dropping the candy in different liquids to see what happens. In addition to what my fellow blogger tried in her experiment, we might try milk and soda water or any other liquid Joe wants.

Reading Activities
It’s the holiday season so time to pull out all of those Christmas books. Some of my favorites are: Charlie Brown Christmas, Elf on the Shelf, Llama Llama Holiday Drama, any Sandra Boynton book and The Night Before Christmas. 

We will also be doing an advent reading plan I found through Pinterest.

Craft Activity
Make your own reindeer hat! You need construction paper, googly eyes, tape and a red pom or something to use for the nose.

2 responses to “Fall Curriculum Week 5

  1. Sounds like a month of fun for the Durbin House. I think Jacob should get to hold a few shapes, too.

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