Fun Fall Activities Week 6

It’s week two of the Christmas themed activities. Last week was tons of fun for both Joe and me. Plus, Joe has been extra talkative (and that is saying something) pointing out letters and shapes and numbers randomly.

Math Activity
Shapes using snowflakes. This may be a complete bust, but I am going to have Joe “cut” shapes using the age-old folded paper snowflake activity. You remember doing this…fold a piece of paper in half and then in half again and cut triangles, squares, rectangles into all four sides. Unfold to see your one-of-a-kind snowflake.

I am going to ask Joe to identify the shapes he created.

And before you start to fret, he’ll be using safety scissors designed for little hands and I will be watching him like a hawk the whole time.

Language Activity
I am still asking Nim to bring a letter a day when he flies to our house after reporting to Santa. Last week Joe really enjoyed identifying the letters and then thinking of Christmas words that started with said letters…although none of the words he said started with the letters and most of them were “my Christmas”.

So I would tell him a word and ask him to repeat it and then draw the picture on the back of the card. As you can see, I am no artist.


Science Activity
Shadow puppets. This activity is a bit different than the science activities we normally do, but Joe loves shadows and is constantly talking about them and showing me when he sees them. We will make Christmas trees and stars and possibly use the snowflakes we make to create shadow puppets using a flashlight and a wall. I’ll explain how shadows work, which is the science behind the magic.

Reading Activities
Still going to read the Christmas themed books and advent readings every day. Joe’s favorite is A Charlie Brown Christmas. I think it is because it is one of those recordable books. I ask Joe who is reading it and he always says “Joe is reading it.”

Craft Activity
The reindeer hat was a hit for about 5 minutes with Joe and a few minutes longer with Jake.


This week we are doing an edible craft…marshmallow snowmen. Marshmallows, chocolate chips of varying colors for buttons, eyes and nose and construction paper hats. Maybe some fruit by the foot to create the scarves.

Should be a fun week! I hope we have time to get through all of these as we will also be getting the house ready for Joe’s birthday party. He will be three. Time does go by too quickly!

One response to “Fun Fall Activities Week 6

  1. Glad you found a use for the Fruit by the Foot.

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