Why We Do It This Way

We are so fortunate to have the space to explore a multitude of ways of gardening, homesteading…living. Here is a short list of why we choose to live the way we do. Why we choose to create this life for our family.

To enjoy our land.
To learn.
To try something different.
To breathe in and relax.
To amend our soil.
To make the land work for us.
To create a sustainable food source for our family.
To create beauty out of a seed.
To teach our children.
To connect to generations past.
To make a stand.
To show, not just tell.

Permaculture may seem “unconventional” and “new”, but it really isn’t. It is a guide to mimic nature without force. The three core ethics of permaculture: care of the earth, care of people and return of surplus, go far beyond gardening.

2 responses to “Why We Do It This Way

  1. Neato! Very well put.

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