Fun Fall Activities Week 7

The Christmas activities are a big hit with both Joe and Jake. Joe especially likes to see the letters every day and watch me draw (or try to draw) the Christmas word of the day. I always ask him to show the letter cards to Jake and tell him what both the letter and picture are.

Jake is more of an observer right now. Sure he plays with some of the shapes, rips paper and gets messy with some of the science experiments, but for him…it’s about watching and soaking it all in.

Math Activity
The snowflakes proved to be a great activity. Joe correctly identified most shapes and had fun cutting his own snowflake. Jake had fun ripping the paper.

This week we are going to incorporate the cribbage board in our math activity. Joe has been a bit obsessed with this game. He loves what he calls the “dots” or the pawns used in the game.

Instead of playing the traditional game, we will use the deck of cards to determine how many spaces to move. Example: Joe turns the six of hearts over. First, he identifies the shape, then he moves his “dot” the six spaces.

Now, this is not technically a Christmas-themed activity, but the board does have red and green so I think an exception can be made. 🙂

Language Activity
Our fun language activity this week? Christmas trees with ornament letters!

Science Activity
I found this really cool experiment through Pinterest. It’s a firework in a glass using oil, water and food coloring. Not sure what the outcome will be but I know Joe will have fun dumping and pouring.

Reading Activities
The boys are both loving the advent reading plan. Joe is always asking for the next one. We are using the Jesus Storybook Bible. The pictures are so colorful and the stories are written in a way that is appealing to both children and adults.

Craft Activity
The marshmallow snowman was a lot of fun. Nim, our elf, built one and then Joe tried to mimic it. When it came time to put the chocolate chip eyes and buttons on…he decided that he would just eat them instead.

This week we will be making Christmas wreaths using construction paper.

Another fun week planned!

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