13 in 14: New Year, New Skills

Last January, we came up with a list of 13 skills we wanted to master, or at least obtain in 2013. We decided to continue pursuing new skills this year…and to finish the ones we just didn’t get to last year.

1. Sewing – My first attempt at sewing was rather lame. Ok, it was a complete failure and it has since fallen apart. So I’m going to give it another go this year with the goal of making Halloween costumes for the boys.

2. Auto Upkeep – I’d like to learn how to change the oil in my van.

3. Firearm Training – Now that I’ve learned the ins and outs of shooting a rifle, I’d like to continue my training and learn to handle and shoot a handgun via a conceal carry class.

4. Wilderness Skills – Ray and I are excited to start camping with the boys. It will probably be back yard camping to start, but it will be a wonderful opportunity to teach (and learn) basic wilderness skills.

5. Teaching – Since we are teaching the boys at home, I am going to continue to work on curriculum planning. I’m also going to set up an activities area in the basement complete with a work table and bookshelves – a one stop shop for all of our supplies.

6. Reloading – Here’s one we didn’t get to last year. We are going to get that reloading press set up and Ray is going to teach me how to reload.

7. Health and Fitness – I think this will be a continuing battle against laziness and lack of motivation. Learning better and healthier cooking options will be the top of the list.

8. Raising Chickens – I’m so excited about this one! You know how sometimes you have to stop talking about it and just do it already? I’m reading up on raising chickens right now and making sure all of the zoning requirements are in place. Fresh eggs are in our future!

9. Bee Keeping – We definitely don’t want to bite off more than we can chew this year, so my plan is to read up on bee keeping so that we can add that to our homestead in 2015.

10. Gardening – This past year I completed my PDC. This year, and for many more years to come, I will be working on maintaining that PDC and implementing the practices and techniques I learned in the course. We are planning to install our very first swale this year, and to design our gardens using polyculture techniques.

11. Archery – I’ve always thought archery was beautiful. Ray has a bow and a target so I am going to ask him to teach me the basics.

12. Blogging – Now that I’ve been blogging for a year, I’d like to learn some tricks on increasing traffic and promoting content.

13. Canning – Pretty much a bust last year, so we are going to try for it again with our garden crop this year. If we don’t have a great year for tomatoes and beans, we’ll supplement with produce from the Farmer’s Market or friends and neighbors who have more than they can use.

And there you have it! Our list of new skills to–ahem, master in 2014. Stay tuned for more detail on each as well as progress reports.

4 responses to “13 in 14: New Year, New Skills

  1. Margaret (Marge) Schultz

    Ok, since it’s going to be 2014, shouldn’t there be 14 things instead of 13? Good luck with the chickens! Your grandfater will roll over when he hears your plans! He HATED taking care of the chickens! ;o) Have a fun filled year. Looking forward to your reports!

    • I know! Grandma told me how much he hated it. It probably should be 14, but we still had two on the list from last year so I just left it at 13. Thanks for commenting!

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