Winter Activities: Week 2

Snow. Cold. Wind. Three reasons to stay indoors and do fun learning activities in our pjs. Last week, we did most of the fun things I had listed.

Math Activity
Ok, seriously, we are going to do the cribbage activity this week! We worked on shapes and numbers last week using some of the new books and puzzles that Joe and Jake got for Christmas.

Language Activity
We are going to focus on enunciation this week. Joe has a very bad habit of mumbling so that Ray and I cannot understand him. It’s something we want to break him of before it becomes a bad habit.

In order to do this, I’m going to ask him to repeat silly songs and riddles like “Many mumbling mice are making magic music in the moonlight” and “She sells sea shells by the seashore”. I think he’ll have fun with this.

Science Activity
This week we are going to do more of a fun food/science project. Since we have been hit with a TON of snow…we are going to make snow ice cream! I’ve never made it before so I’m really excited. The science will come in when I explain freezing and thawing and how snow is made.

Also, we will continue to monitor the winter garden we started last week…logging any changes and watering daily.

Reading Activity
In total, Joe and Jake got 26 books for Christmas. So far we have been stuck on The Sneetches and Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are by Dr. Seuss. I love both of these books. They are fun and teach good lessons.

So this week we are going to continue to plug through the books that they got for Christmas. Jake is stuck on Pat the Bunny…not one he got for Christmas but he brings it to me all the time.

Cute story that warms my heart: Joe has been asking me for “the bug hunter” stories. He sits on my lap as I read them from the laptop and listens. He loves the pictures and the stories.

Craft Activity
Along with the paper frog puppet that we didn’t get to last week…again, we are going to make snowmen using potatoes as stamps.

In addition to these activities, we will be putting puzzles together, building forts and playing games. Don’t Break the Ice is Joe’s current favorite. I’ve played it with him…oh, about 20 times by now. He just got it yesterday.

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