A Planting Guide and Shopping Tool

Thought I’d share a spreadsheet I created to help me with planning and planting the garden next year. I am also using it to compare costs to find the best price for the plants and seeds we want to get.

Planting Guide and Cost

As I was going through the seed catalogs I found even more fun stuff to add to the plan.

Jerusalem artichokes! These are members of the sunflower family. They are also known as sunchokes, sunroots or earth apples. They are tubers that are chock full of healthy goodness. They are said to be a healthy food for people with type 2 diabetes and even reported to be a folk remedy for diabetes.

Seaberries! We’ll add a few of these little shrubs to our fedge this year. The fruit is a nutritious source of vitamins A, E and has more vitamin C than lemons.

Goumis! These cherry-size berries are red with a sweet-tart flavor. They can grow in a variety of soil types and are great nitrogen fixers.

Ground Cherries! These little gems grow in a husk and look almost exactly like a tomatillo but taste like a pineapple/strawberry cross.

I’m sure we’ll find even more we want to add to the garden this year as we continue through the seed catalogs, and I’m sure some of this will have to wait until next year…our budget does not likely match up with our enthusiasm!

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